A new face, a new format and all things ORGPRO

Kristen Parker Digital Communications Manager

Kristen Parker
Digital Communications Manager

It’s every blogger’s worst nightmare. You have the ideas, the insights and the expertise to share, but your “day job” prevents you the necessary time to sit down and actually write the posts. And, as we know all too well, the world around us isn’t so forgiving. Regardless of our busy schedules, each news cycle is filled with countless stories and events that both inspire and influence our work.

Therefore, the time has come to make a deliberate and exciting change to the Event Garde blog. I’m pleased and humbled to introduce to you today both a new face and a new format.

First, I’m delighted to announce that Kristen Parker has joined the Event Garde team as our digital communications manager. Since 2008, Kristen has worked as a communications manager for Michigan State University, serving in the university’s central public relations office. Prior to her current role, she was the alumni relations director for the MSU College of Education.

Kristen is experienced in several key communication disciplines, including publications, print media, media relations and issues communications. She is the former editor of an international trade publication and the former communications director for a nonprofit health care association. Likewise, Kristen is a 2000 graduate of MSU’s journalism program. Go green!

But far more pertinent to you is this: Kristen is a storyteller by trade – in fact, she’s been writing and editing professionally for 13 years. She looks forward to keeping you abreast of the issues, trends and must-knows that define our profession. Together, we hope that you’ll find some words of wisdom in the blogs we post, and we also hope that you’ll share with us ideas about what you’d like us to explore.

Second, it’s all about the format. Moving forward, we’ll select a new theme each month. This will allow us the time and the space to focus on the issues of importance to you. Assuming everything goes according to plan, we’ll share a new post with you each Tuesday. And the posts themselves will also get a facelift (just in time for spring). In practice, following is what the new format will mean to you:

  • An original post from me introducing each month’s theme
  • Two posts from Kristen based on interviews with industry leaders
  • A behind-the-scenes guest post from someone “in the know”

So, as we prepared to jump-start the blog with a new purpose and a new approach, it was clear this launch should focus on ORGPRO. As you likely know, I’ve served as the chair of the ORGPRO 2013 Program Committee for the last year. I’m particularly excited about next month’s event because of the renewed focus on quality learning opportunities during both the keynote and the breakout sessions.

Therefore, here’s what you can expect for the balance of this month on the Event Garde blog:

Finally, we want to engage with you even more in the coming months. So, please don’t be shy; be sure to tell us what you think. If you have a recommendation for a topic we should tackle or an interview we should schedule, let us know via your comments or shoot us an email at info@eventgarde.com. Likewise, don’t be afraid to sound off – good, bad or indifferent. We want to hear from you.

And should you ever wish to serve as a guest blogger, we welcome both your interest and your enthusiasm. Above all, the Event Garde blog hopes to earn your confidence as a trusted source for reliable industry news and information affecting the association, professional development and meetings communities. We hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.

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